… and how long is a piece of string?

Websites are like houses, they’re all different! Most web development companies will custom build your website just for you – they’re the consultant, project manager, architect, designer, builder and marketeer too!

In Cairns, Australia, websites are known for being much cheaper than they are throughout the rest of Australia. Nobody really knows why, but Cairns businesses certainly get a great deal over their down south competitors.

Here’s a quick guideline to what you would be paying for in our area.

New Websites

Microbusinesses: $2000

These are tradesmen or single-operator businesses. Mostly they need a simple website to show their scope of skills and their prices.

Service-based industries: $2500 – $3500

Lawyers, media/PR, accountants, web developers… anyone who provides a service fits in here. These industries are hoping their website will provide a strong credibility tool with a good portfolio facility and detail about services provided.

Ecommerce websites: $5000+

Any website which sells something requires credit card security, lots of great photography and good product spiels.

Website Changes

Most web design firms work on an hourly fee for services, and if they give you a fixed price there’s a good chance they’ve considered the time it will take them and multiplied it by the hourly fee.

A good web designer will charge between $80 – $130 per hour.

If the cost is any less than this, I would have a thorough look into their portfolio and check the developer isn’t cutting any corners in essential places.

When asking for a price, consider that most developers will have a minimum charge, some as low as 15 minutes. All jobs, even the smallest ones take at least 15 minutes. Here’s a list of the things a developer does when you request changes to your website:

  • Reads your email, or chats to you on the phone (5m)
  • Does the job (time depends on the job)
  • Checks the changes in Firefox, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 & Safari (5m)
  • Uploads the changes (5m)
  • Checks the changes went up ok (2m)
  • Notifys you the changes are online (5m)
  • Bills you for the changes (10m)

So even without taking the actual time for the job into account, that’s 32 minutes work. Many of these costs are often absorbed though, parts like billing or receiving the job.

Annual Fees

Unless you’re in a marketing program or have something special you won’t have any ongoing fees associated with your website design.

However, you will have some web hosting fees. You should allow for between $250  -$500 annually to cover your website hosting and domain name registrations.