1. Impatient
  2. Information-hungry
  3. Control freaks

Remember these three personality traits of web customers, and you’re on track to have a great website.

Interruption advertising plagues our lives; television through loud and crass ads, junk mail in our letterbox and glossy catalogues in our newspapers. We understand and expect these formats.

The web is different though. Commercialisation through advertising has taken a little while to kick in online, and so we’ve developed surfing habits which differ from our interactions with other forms of media.

Surfing is perhaps a bad term for our web habits, it’s a bit more like a sprint. Online we scan, we don’t read. We click before pages load completely. We lazily use the scroll wheel on the mouse to get to the bottom. We focus on pictures, and ignore paragraphs.

You should consider your web customers as time poor – because they simply have so many web pages to get through, and there’s no shortage of interesting things to look at.

Satisfying your online clientele is easy than you think:

  1. Most important information at the top of pages (impatience)
  2. Don’t leave out the answers to the most commonly asked questions, like prices (information-hungry)
  3. Easy navigation, focus boxes for specials (control freaks)